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In modern business, regardless of your industry, you need the best IT services to thrive. From productivity to security, to communication, to innovative new ways to get work done – information technology is at the heart of it all. Progressive IT Services offers services and solutions that are designed to improve your operations and maximize your IT investment.

IT Expertise 

From productivity to security, to communication, to innovative new ways to get work done – information technology is at the heart of it all.

24/7 IT Support 

Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure to your computers, workstations, and mobile devices.

Support Request 

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. 

“We build long-term and deep relationships with our clients, so it’s like having a full-time IT staff but without the full-time costs.”

Joe Lamonte — President

Houston IT Services & IT Support

A Trusted IT MSP in Houston For Over 20 Years

Progressive IT Services of Houston provides Managed IT Services and professional IT Support for businesses in and around the Houston, Texas area. We give our clients Enterprise-level IT services and solutions at prices that work for small businesses. Time and experience have helped us develop best practices and workflow procedures around a proactive philosophy designed to keep your focus on your business, not your technology.

Our team of Managed IT Service providers in Houston can become your outsourced IT department, responding to issues quickly, often before you even know about them. Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure to your computers, workstations and mobile devices, our Managed IT Solutions in Houston team provides end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs.

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IT Support in Houston, Texas

We are locally owned and operated and have served Houston companies for more than 20 years. Our proven track record means you can trust us to safely secure your business and help it grow. to learn how we can help you.

Managed IT Service 

We offer a comprehensive plan to ensure that your technology always performs when and how you need it.

Cyber Security 

The best way to address cybersecurity is by implementing the best security measures before an attack.

Cloud Services 

Move your IT infrastructure to the cloud and save money, reduce your physical IT footprint, and simplify system management.

Business Continuity 

Be prepared for any disaster that could affect your IT infrastructure, whether it be a natural occurrence, cybercrime, power outages, or human error.

IT Consulting 

When you need external help with an IT need, turn to experts with the knowledge and resources to help you address it. 

Email Security 

Email Protection provides multiple layers of security to detect and block malware and non-malware threats for all of your users.

Industry Expertise 

Regardless of what products or services your business offers, we have solutions to support your business and industry-specific needs.

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Offering Managed IT Services in Houston Since 2000 

We build long-term relationships with our clients, getting to know them and their businesses. Hiring Progressive IT Services is like having a full-time IT staff but without the full-time costs. Clients use our services on an ‘as-needed’ basis, so you never pay for things you don’t need.

Progressive IT has always been super responsive and has been able to handle, the biggest of issues we have encountered. Their communication is top notch! 
Fixed my issue quickly. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything so I’d know what was going on. 
Always so helpful and resolves my issues super fast! 
Progressive IT Services has great service in Houston, TX!Thanks Marco! 
A few years ago I was hit with ransomware and that TRULY brought me to a stand still. I was so fortunate to know Progressive IT Services because they truly helped us out of a seemingly impossible situation and we had the business back up and running the very next day. Joe, I’m so grateful for you and your team, you really do have the best team in Houston. 
Every interaction with Joe’s team was like speaking to family. They have a dedicated team that is truly one of the best in Houston. They know how to respond quickly and with relevant expertise. Progressive IT Services is truly a gem of an IT company and would recommend them to every one out there that needs technical assistance for their business. Thanks again Joe. 
I’ve been using Progressive IT Services for my small business for over a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with the level of customer service they provide, as they go above and beyond to tailor their services to meet my specific requirements. Their bilingual support has been so invaluable to me because It really helps our staff and keeps the communication seamless and efficient. Thank you so much Joe, Jacob, Cody and Marco for your outstanding work! 
Progressive IT Services were great I love they way they’re fast and reliable 👍👍 
I was helped in a timely manner and very helpful. 
Marco was very responsive. Figured out the issue I was having with printer within seconds. Fixed the problem and sent me on my way. Thank you 
Wonderful place to do business!! very friendly!! 🙂 Tammy is the best!! 🙂 
Cody and Marco deserve 5 stars as well. I have been helped by them specifically numerous times and they are always able to help solve my issue and are very nice and professional! Definitely recommend to any one in the Houston area. Progressive IT Services is the best. They also speak spanish! big plus! Thanks!! 
Gracias a todos que trabajan aqui en Progressive IT Services. Son muy excellentes para resolver problemas, hablan español, y son muy amables! Yo digo que son los mejores en todo Houston. Gracias a Marco y a Joe especialmente! 
I cannot thank Jacob enough for coming to my rescue!!! I contacted Progressive IT Services in Houston, Texas because my computer just died… I did not have a recent backup but Jacob was somehow able to retrieve all of my information so that it was not lost forever… If more stars were available, I would certainly give them. Don’t hesitate to contact Progressive IT Services for your IT needs! 
I was pleasantly surprised at how customer service oriented this team is. Usually, I am nervous when interacting with IT technicians but from the very beginning, the first person I spoke to, Marco, was so incredibly nice that he made me feel important and that I could comfortably explain the issue and he was able to solve it and provide helpful info, that isn’t condescending, on how to help prevent these kinds of issues in the future. I definitely recommend Progressive IT Services for any MSP needs in Houston! Thanks again Marco! 
Marco Castro at Progressive IT Services is always able to help me when I have all sorts of computer issues at work. Progressive IT Services is always great with communication and even if the problem I have is a difficult one, Marco and the team there are always able to help. Thank you again Marco! You are the best in Houston! Y Marco habla español!!! 
Thank you so much Marco Castro at Progressive IT Services! Gracias por hablar español! Marco always has great customer service and he is always able to help me when I have issues on my work computer. They are great with communication and even if the problem I have is a difficult one, Marco and Progressive IT Services are always there to help. Thank you again! The best in Houston! 
I would pick this company over any other company in the Houston area. We have been working with them for years and they are always quick to give us the best service and have never failed to solve an issue. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us Joe. Thank you Progressive IT Services. 
Gracias a todos de Progressive IT Services! Especialmente Marco por que siempre me puede ayudar con cualquier problema que tengo y por que habla español! Es casi imposible comunicarse con alguien en la carrera de IT porque los termos technicos son dificiles de traducir, pero Marco siempre supo lo que necesitaba. No escojeria a nadie mas en todo Houston. Busquenlos ahora! Gracias Marco, gracias Joe! 
Progressive IT Services has got to be the best and most professional IT team in the greater Houston area. They truly saved us from being ransomwared after a network breach. Jacob and Cody worked extremely hard and recovered all of our data! Not only that but they worked with us after to speak about security best practices and how to best protect ourselves. They were able to speak to our most technologically challenged associates and make them feel confident about being secure online, and THAT was something that truly stuck with me.Thanks Team! 
Marco & Jacob with Progressive IT Services in Houston were very prompt at responding to my call and very professional in resolving the IT issues I was having. I highly recommend this group to others having similar problems! 
Cody with Progressive IT Services in Houston was so quick at responding to the issues I was having recently! If you need quick, fast, and efficient service, these are your guys to call! 
Estamos muy agradecidos por el señor Joe que tiene mas de 9 años ayudandonos y nuestro negocio. Despues de tratar muchas compañias diferentes en todo Houston, fue solamente el equipo de Joe que pudo ayudarnos. Son muy profesionales y tienen la expirencia para poder resolver cualquier problema que se les llege a sus pies. Progressive IT Services es la mejor compañia de IT en todo Houston! 
The people at Progressive IT Services are extremely helpful. We called them at two separate times when our network began having multiple different errors that put our business at standstill. Despite the fact that we had no idea how big of a mess we had, Cody and Jacob were able to quickly figure things out, get things taken care of, and even have a recommended plan on how to proceed in order for us to not run into these issues. We appreciate them so much! 
Always get my IT issue resolved , great customer service 
I have used this IT company for over 12 years. They are reliable, honest and very experienced. I highly recommend this company. 
Just plain out awesome help from your team 
Awesome team at Progressive! The best IT service ive used throughout my career. Thanks for always being so patient and knowledgeable. We couldnt do it without yall! 
Very helpful . Marco was very patient and help me through my problem . Thanks Marco 
Excellent Company to work with! 
Quick responses and knowledgeable staff. 
Todas las personas con que nos comunicamos aqui fue un placer. Necesitabamos su ayuda en muchas areas de nuestro negocio y su profesionalismo y experiencia fue exactmante lo que buscabamos. Su enfoce en en el cliente es incomparable. Trabajan con urgencia, son muy eficaz, y mantienen buena comunicacion. Si lo recomiendo.Gracias Joe! 
Highly recommend. Had some issues with my company server that had other IT professional puzzled. They were able to find the solution and fix the problem fast. Great experience with their customer service. They are very knowledgeable, explains everything with detail and they have staff who speak Spanish which is a plus. 
Very professional. Any time we have an issue Progressive IT, and specifically Marco, is very knowledgeable and quick to find solutions. They help keep us stress-free. Thanks for all the help! 
Everyone I’ve interacted with at Progressive IT Services has been so knowledgeable and professional. Their focus on customer service feels almost effortless; they solved some complicated issues my company had while at the same time putting my mind at ease through quick response times and great communication. They add a personal touch that feels like family!Thanks Joe! 
I use Progressive IT Services for my own helpdesk needs. They are so kind, responsive, quick, and professional. I never feel dumb with my questions that are probably difficult for me to figure out and easy for them to answer. The whole staff is so kind and capable. Many thanks. 
Cody with Progressive IT was very helpful and patient. Anytime I needed help it was quick and easy, and always explained what was going on which I love. 
Quick and fast to respond to your request and goes over and beyond to see that the problem is corrected. You cant go wrong with their IT Services. 
These techs are very good! They really help me when I am having problems with any connection issues, wiring issues, or my computer issues. I highly recommend them! They are worth every penny you pay them. They will not disappoint you! 
Wonderfully responsible and helpful! Cody was able to take care of all of our issues quick and even took the time to explain/show us how to use our computer more efficiently. Highly recommend. 
Quick and efficient work! great customer service, always friendly and professional 
They are great!! They helped me fix my computer quickly and on time. Very professional and courteous. 
Best IT services around! 
Progressive IT Services has been great! 
Thank you so much Cody for helping me out!!Cody was professional and so easy to work with in solving my problems. Thank you Progressive IT in Houston for providing such reliable and courteous employees 
Cody Megehee did a great job helping me and my employees with my computer systems. Their IT support is the best in Houston. Highly recommended! 
Progressive IT services helped move our computers and monitors to a new office. The tech made sure to pay attention to cable management, so things look neat in the new office. We requested monitor arm mounts, but none were in stock for our new desks, they ordered them same day and promised to follow up with the install! 
Great IT service for the Houston area! 
I called and needed email on devices as soon as possible, Jacob helped walk me through setting these up over the phone. He seemed to have good working knowledge of android and IOS. 
Best IT support in Houston TX. Cody Gave awesome costumer service, highly recommended! 
Progressive IT services is always there for us when we need it. We were having trouble posting batches in our accounting software and Jacob called and worked with sage t o help resolve our problem! Very good computer and service support 
Good IT support in Houston. And great customer service 
Great IT support in Houston 
Fantastic IT support team, probably the best computer service guys in Houston. 
Progressive IT services is the best. I was having issues running google earth pro on my laptop. They found out is was an issue with my dedicated graphics card on my laptop and showed me how to open it with integrated graphics. They also went out of their way to resolve an issue with all of my processor cores not being available and made my computer run much faster! 
Progressive IT services is awesome! They always are quick to resolve any issues that I may be experiencing. Their computer support based in Houston is second to none. My office is in Omaha, Nebraska and they are still able to keep things running without stepping a foot in office. 
Progressive IT services is awesome! They always are quick to resolve any issues that I may be experiencing. Their computer support based in Houston is second to none. My office is in Omaha, Nebraska and they are still able to keep things running without stepping a foot in office. 
Progressive IT services did a great job installing our pc, fantastic IT support in Houston! 
Progressive IT services is always helpful, their computer support person helped us out with installing drivers for a new check scanner system for Amegy. 
The best IT support Company in Houston, their techs are always responsive to our need and we highly recommend them! 
Progressive IT services is the best, I was having issues with my Keyboard and mouse connection on my old computer, Their techs came in and had the computer replaced with all of my old data within an hour of reporting the issue. Best IT support Company! 
Jacob the IT tech at progressive IT services is great. We started using a new cloud service storage service and Jacob got me signed in and showed me theins and outs. 
Jacob is always very quick to resolve any issue I have with my computer, he explains everything in detail, so I understand how to resolve it in the future. Best IT support in Houston! 
Progressive IT services is the best, they are always there when we need them for any kind of computer issues or support. Any time I ask for device accessories for our field team they have it to us within an hour. 
I am an employee with several years experience. I am happy to say this is the most streamlined and effective MSP I have had the pleasure of working with. 
Over the years Progressive IT Services of Houston has resolved my various IT computer issues !!! Highly recommend the IT professionals at Progressive. 
Definitely recommend this IT company for anyone in the Houston, Texas area; they are the best and most efficient around in my opinion. 
The best IT services in Houston. Always fixes things in a timely manner! 
Service is great! Always keeps us up and running! 
Frequently Asked Questions


These are just some of the questions we’re happy to answer for you. If you have more, let’s schedule a meeting and we’ll be happy to answer them and find a solution that works best for you.

Very smoothly, actually! Having conducted regular client onboardings for many years, we have developed (and continually improve) an onboarding plan which comprehensively addresses all the various areas of IT infrastructure coming into our management and control. This includes quarterbacking all the communication with your prior provider to gather information and transfer information to us. 

No extended downtime is required to switch from your current provider to us. Any brief downtime as the result of updating systems or installing our management tools (typically as simple as a reboot) will be coordinated to happen after hours at a time appropriate for you. If we are migrating hosted servers or systems from your current provider to us as part of the onboarding, we will coordinate any necessary migration-related downtime to be off-peak hours and after hours as necessary.

Our onboarding process takes 7 days to complete and comes in two main parts: pre-onboarding and onboarding day. Pre-onboarding is the process of information gathering and validation, typically starting 7 days prior to your onboarding day. In these 7 days, we gather information about your systems, so we are prepared to conduct an effective onboarding day. Then comes our favorite day, onboarding day! On onboarding day we “flip the switch,” and we become your managed services partner. We like to make sure the relationship starts off on the right foot, so we love to come in on onboarding day with several members of our team and host a town-hall lunch for your team. We use this brief time to introduce ourselves and learn more about the IT “pain points” in the organization so we can start helping (and building trust with your team) right away!

Call Us 


Wondering if managed IT services are the right choice for your business?

We understand that making the decision to outsource your IT can be difficult. That’s why we offer a free consultation so you can learn more about our services and how they could benefit your business. Once you decide to make the switch, our team of experts will work with you to create a plan that fits your needs.

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Houston Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Houston Managed Service Provide (MSP)

Our complete Houston IT support and managed IT services will meet all your technology needs— from instant help desk support to maintaining your workstations and servers with the latest patches, updates, and virus protection— all for a fixed and predictable cost. As a reputed Managed Service Provider (MSP) offer remote and onsite tech support in the greater Houston, TX area. Our clients include accountants, credit unions, health care facilities, metal fabrication companies, retail centers and nonprofit institutions. We will help you implement the right technologies as your business grows, and that it does so in a secure IT environment. We also meet industry specific compliance to ensure that we provide only the quality IT services for our clients.

Houston Managed IT Frequent Questions

It all depends on the client and the services they need. We provide managed IT services at a fixed monthly cost, which includes unlimited remote support. In addition, we provide IT consulting, backup solutions, cloud services, email hosting, weekly onsite visits, and more. Call us and we will provide you with a table of services to use as a guide when speaking with IT service vendors. 
Instantly. Our certified remote technicians are available 24/7 to troubleshoot and resolve tech-related problems, either via phone call or chat. 
Our remote network monitoring system proactively oversees your network to identify security issues, missing updates and patches, and other IT issues, allowing us to resolve the problems before they turn into a disaster. 
Yes. We urge you to use our onsite and cloud (offsite) backup services. We know when your backup devices are running low on disk space or when they are not working. 
Yes, we can. We understand that some businesses have strict policies in terms of what websites their employees can and cannot visit. 

IT Services in Houston, TX & IT Support

Houston businesses, whether they are small or large, are increasingly involving themselves with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for their IT Support solutions. This is because, to get the best out of their businesses, they need to implement and integrate IT services into their systems. Excellent and reliable tech support companies like us at Progressive IT Services help businesses stay competitive by ensuring that their clients’ systems and computers are up to date.

We offer professional IT services because they play a vital role in the day-to-day working of businesses. For a business or organization to operate smoothly, it is essential to involve technical support services. Believe it or not, these services have a hand in the growth of businesses and boosting their productivity and overall KPIs. However, with its constant usage, there are times when these systems may fall short, and that’s where we come in. As a professional MSP (managed service provider) in Houston, TX, our primary services are providing IT support and managed IT services to small and medium-sized businesses.

What is IT support?

IT support, or in other words, technical support has proved to be a compulsory service. Through tech support companies like ours, we can provide aid in technology. When consumers or end-users of a product face challenges with products, we come up with solutions so that the internal processes are not affected.

IT support infrastructure

IT support infrastructure is primarily what allows organizations to provide services and IT solutions to their customers, employees, and or partners. For the sustainability and existence of an organization, some resources and services are required. They include network, hardware, and software resources. Fundamentally our IT infrastructure comprises of:

· Liveware: Refers to the human element required to operate and run a computer system. They include developers, network administrators, designers, and end-users.

· Network: Connectivity to the internet, network enablement, and network security

· Hardware: Data centers, switches, servers, computers, routers, and other equipment

· Software: Customer relationship management, Enterprise resource planning (ERP), productivity applications and more

Role of IT Support Specialists

Maintaining hardware and computer systems and delivering help to customers or end-users of a product is the primary role of our technical support specialists. Daily, they are involved in providing technical support to the company itself or external consumers over the phone from a call center or a customer service desk. Our responsibilities as reliable IT support specialists in Houston include:

a) Configuring and installing up to date technology such as apps, operating systems hardware, and programs.

b) Continually ensuring that existing software and hardware are maintained.

c) Providing help internally and externally to clients or company staff with tech-related challenges: Comprehending the issue at hand and what caused it, deciphering the problem, and illustrating the problem to the consumer or staff member.

d) Troubleshooting the applications and systems: Fixing the glitches on defective computer systems or hardware, and coming up with solutions for any issue and putting them into effect.

e) Changing broken or malfunctioning parts on equipment when the need arises and replenishing the stock of parts.

f) Compiling reports on the standing of all computer systems and hardware in the company.

g) Implementing and assisting in the roll-out of new applications or operating systems.

h) Familiarizing themselves with modern operating systems or apps, assessing new applications or operating systems, running tests before applying them in all systems, and installing them on all systems in the company.

i) Helping in all password-related challenges and getting the new employees’ emails, profiles, and access pass.

j) Conducting security checks electrical safety tests on all systems.

Importance of Involving Technical Support Services for Houston TX Businesses

i. Offer All Kinds of Security Services

Hacking and other known cybercrimes have become an ever-growing threat. Organizations and businesses in Houston area depend on IT support companies like ours to provide security services. Professionals in our cybersecurity dock are tasked with the responsibility of assessing and responding to potential threats. They do this by creating secure systems and installing anti-hacking software to detect any risks. Besides, they offer protection from computer viruses and bugs.

ii. Provide Data Management Services

Management of data involves organizing data to warrant the performance, security, and compliance of data-dependent applications. Throughout its lifecycle, a business uses a database system to monitor and access its data. It contains information regarding employees, clients, finances, and sales. IT companies can provide a platform for their clients to store their data.

iii. Provide Enhanced Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is vital for any business. To achieve customer satisfaction, companies need to improve their interaction with customers to assist in the best way they can. There are various platforms in which we can interact with their clients, and they include; social media services, emails, telephones, etc.

iv. Thorough Monitoring

Supervising the progress and performance of an organization’s internal operations at every stage is vital. To keep the security of their clients and their services away from jeopardy, we offer comprehensive monitoring to companies providing online services to consumers. We do this by enhancing facilities planning, Internal auditing, quality control, and logistics for manufacturing companies. Our IT support and managed IT services company can execute thorough supervision of a business’ core operations.

v. Facilitate Improved Decision Making

Solid market research plays a significant role in making the right business decisions. Through industry reviews, online survey feedback, and reviewing public comments on social media, reliable market research can be achieved. Information from the research helps in better decision making. Implementing digital marketing tools enables companies to keep track of development and progress. We ensure your IT system is running seamlessly for you to scout and nab those opportunities.

Our comprehensive Houston IT support and managed IT services are sure to meet all your technology requirements. From instant help desk support services to maintaining servers and workstations with updates, latest patches, and virus protection. We offer all and every tech solution. Services include:

Professionally Managed IT Services

With our IT professionals in Houston by your side, they can effectively develop, implement, and manage the right technologies that fit your business objectives. When running a business, the IT system should facilitate operation as opposed to being a hindrance. We take care of all the technical aspects of your system, which leaves you to focus on your business operations. Services we offered include budget planning, IT consulting, virtualizing your servers, IT infrastructure planning, network design, business continuity, backup and disaster recovery, and network security policy. So if you need to upgrade your network, get in touch with us to discuss your IT support options.

Cloud Services in Houston Texas

The IT world today is heavily reliant on the cloud. The cloud assists you to efficiently and quickly create, compute, store, and share files with co-workers or B2B without wasting money and time on hardware installations, software licensing, and training. We ensure that the cloud services are accessible anywhere, anytime, and are secure enough to fulfill specific business needs. We can offer the right computing solutions to your cloud-related issue.

We focus on providing IT managed support services to resolve your technology issue quickly and have your operations back up and running in no time. We provide onsite and remote tech support in and around the greater Houston, TX local. Some of our clients include credit unions, retail centers, health care facilities, accountants, metal fabrication companies, and nonprofit organizations. We help them all to execute the right technologies as the business grows in a secure IT environment. We are per industry specifics and offer quality IT services to all our clients. Contact us today at (713) 589‑8555 and get a free quote!

Cloud Computing IT Company Houston Texas

Wondering if cloud computing is right for your business?

We understand that making the decision to outsource your IT can be difficult. That’s why we offer a free consultation so you can learn more about our services and how they could benefit your business. Once you decide to make the switch, our team of experts will work with you to create a plan that fits your needs.

Areas We Serve:
Houston TX | Stafford TX | Sugar Land TX | Katy TX

Here at Progressive IT Services, we are ready to answer any cloud IT-related questions you may have. Let us help you with your cloud computing needs. Give us a call at (713) 589‑8555 so we can discuss the right solutions to your cloud-related problems right away!