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As coronavirus pushes businesses to reconsider policies and enact procedures to keep employees safe, we’re here to help.

Progressive IT Services will help transition your business to properly manage a remote workforce while still having reliable productivity and communication, even when working conditions are unpredictable or unexpected.

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“We’re here to support businesses and their employees in every way that we can. If you are a business owner in the Greater Houston Metroplex looking to help protect your employees and rapidly expand your remote work options, please contact us. We will do everything we can to support you, whether with free products or free expertise.”

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What You Can Do With a Hosted Remote Desktop

What You Can Do With a Hosted Remote Desktop

Remember the good old days when everyone just came to work day after day and worked on that equipment you've already paid for, accessing everything they needed on company software and hardware? It would be nice to go back to the old normal, but it's not going to...

4 Top Challenges of Remote Work

4 Top Challenges of Remote Work

Your Remote Workforce Faces These Struggles Every Day Before COVID, many of us had an idealistic view of what working remotely might look like. We imagined it would be super comfortable and all the annoyances and stresses of the workplace would just evaporate....

How To Implement A Remote Workforce

How To Implement A Remote Workforce

It’s important to know How To Implement A Remote Workforce, especially since Covid-19 has created a lot of uncertainties. In order to help prevent the spread and keep employees safe, many companies have asked their staff to work remotely. While almost 25% of the U.S. workforce already works from home at least part of the time, these new policies leave many employees — and their managers — working out of the office and separated from each other for the first time.

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