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Hacking caused over $400 billion in damages to businesses last year alone. Companies that suffer data breaches face costs for damage control, loss of business, and regulatory fines. Can you afford to settle for second-rate IT security?

Progressive IT Services offers comprehensive security solutions that are tailored to your businesses needs to keep you safe from hacks and data breaches.

Reach out to Progressive IT Services to discuss IT services and support that will help your business operate safely. Get in touch with us for more information about our security services available throughout Houston.

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Network Security

Progressive IT Services provides comprehensive network security measures to see to every possible vulnerability in your IT infrastructure that could be exploited by intruders and malicious software. Our network security features include:

  • Strong firewalls, and up-to-date antivirus software to keep malicious threats at bay.
  • Implementation of industry-standard processes, procedures and web filters, to ensure your employees conduct themselves in a secure manner.

Email Security

It’s vital that you keep your emails safe from prying eyes, as during transit it is often highly vulnerable to external forces. Given how integral email is to business communication days, you can’t afford to leave your company at risk. Our email security solutions include:

  • Sophisticated spam filters to omit any unnecessary or dangerous messages from your business’ inboxes.
  • Enterprise-level inbound virus blocking software to keep you safe from seemingly disguised incoming threats
  • Education and further practices that can safeguard against human error.
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