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Does Your Business Have the Expert IT Guidance Necessary to Plan Effectively for its Future?

With each step your Houston business takes in becoming a more developed and profitable operation, you need to be sure that your IT systems can support its growth. Arranging one-off consultations with IT companies is inconvenient and expensive, but without the right knowledge, your technology may fail to meet the requirements of the next stage of your business.

Progressive IT Services is proud to offer ourselves as your Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO). We can consult on each and every business decision from an informed and personal perspective to help you grow without hindrance from any IT issues. For more information about our managed services, including Virtual CIO service, get in touch with us today!

With Progressive IT Services as your Virtual CIO, we provide your Houston business with:

Tailored Technology Consultation.

Prior to offering any recommendations for changes in your IT infrastructure, we become as familiar with your business as possible. By learning specifically what your IT system entails and what you need out of it, we can ensure the best possible recommendation for the next development you undertake.

Long-term Planning.

With your specifics in mind, we help you to develop long term IT plans that take into account important factors like your budget, projections, customer and employee needs and business goals. Ongoing assessments of your IT infrastructure will guarantee that it can always support the changes your company undergoes.

One Convenient Rate.

As a Virtual CIO, we don’t demand a full-time salary or any of the other expenditures that come with an actual executive employee. By fulfilling this position through a service, you save money and benefit from a single, easy to budget monthly rate.

To learn more about what we can do for your company as its Virtual CIO, contact Progressive IT Services today!

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