We Guarantee These 3 Benefits of Cloud Consulting

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Cloud computing lets you do more with your technology for less. There’s a lot to love about it once you’re up and running, but the challenge is getting there. With so many possible solutions, how can you know the best route for your business? We offer cloud consulting in Houston so businesses can be confident they’re getting the most bang for their buck.

Cloud computing is here to stay, both for personal and business use. It’s popularity for business continues to increase. Worldwide, the public cloud services market is forecast to grow 17 percent this year alone.

There are a lot of reasons cloud services are a business game-changer, but migrating to the cloud is complicated. Our cloud consulting services make it easy. We guarantee you’ll experience several benefits, but first let’s talk about what a cloud consultant actually does.

What is Cloud Consulting?

Cloud consultants are specialists at everything related to cloud computing. It’s like having your own personal on-demand cloud computing wizard.

Where in the past, IT staff procured, installed, and maintained on-site equipment that hosted your email and software applications, now many of the same things are internet-based. Data doesn’t “live” on your computer or in your server room, you reach it where it resides at remote servers that could be anywhere on the globe.

Cloud consulting involves finding the best solutions one client at a time, sometimes one employee at a time. A cloud consultant typically starts by gathering information on a business’s needs, then they use that data to recommend the best cloud computing systems.

He or she helps implement that solution and may provide customization as needed. Then, the cloud consultant also provides training and support on an as-needed basis.

Cloud Consulting Benefits

Why hire a firm that specializes in cloud consulting? Once upon a time, you could call one IT guy (or girl) to handle everything your business needed. As technology evolved, more specialization became necessary. Implementing cloud computing for business requires extensive background knowledge and takes the services of an experienced consultant.

We’re mobile. That means we don’t want data to be tied down. We also want to access that data using a huge range of device types. It’s complicated, but working with our cloud consultants brings you these three benefits.

Cloud Consulting Cuts Costs

Technology is expensive. Plus, there are so many choices, and everyone says their solution is the best. When you work with a cloud consultant, they help you find solutions that are a good fit, so you don’t waste money on ones that aren’t.

Cloud consulting also cuts costs because you no longer have to rely on physical, local equipment. Before cloud computing, there wasn’t a choice when it came to storing hardware. Now a lot of it can go away, freeing up space in your office. You no longer have to factor equipment life cycles into your budget or pay on-site staff to keep it updated and maintained.

Sometimes decision-makers worry they’ll end up paying for services they don’t need or use. Cloud consulting helps relieve that worry too by helping you find solutions with plans that fit your needs.

Cloud computing is pay-as-you-go, so it’s easy to make adjustments along the way. That’s much more cost-effective than buying software and systems upfront, then finding out its capabilities don’t meet your long-term needs. Buy more storage or add more users as you need it, and scale back when you don’t. Plus, when your staff can work from anywhere and any device, productivity improves and your business grows.

Simplified Back-ups

When we provide cloud consulting, one of our top priorities is the safety of your data. Where before you needed an on-site backup solution and a failsafe option that protected you in case of threats like flood or fire, cloud computing means you no longer do.

We can perform back-ups remotely, with no need to access physical equipment. Back-ups are stored off-site, making it impossible for natural disasters, vandalism, or other threat to damage them at your business location.

We can also automate updates. That means your systems are always running the most up-to-date and secure version.

Seamless Transitions

Most businesses can’t afford downtime where they can’t access email, documents, and other data while IT support implements cloud computing solutions. A cloud consultant eliminates migration migraines by working with you to minimize downtime and schedule any virtual construction for times when it won’t impact productivity.

Cloud consulting speeds deployment. They’re experts who already have familiarity with cloud-based applications, and that experience helps you avoid pitfalls. They also know the best migration methods to keep data from getting lost along the way.

Most the greatest risks when it comes to technology aren’t due to the machines, but to the humans who use them. A good cloud consulting expert provides advice on insider threats and threats from malicious actors

One of the biggest challenges organizations face when migrating IT infrastructure to a cloud-based environment is implementing tough security architecture so company data and machines are resistant to cyberattacks. Our cloud consulting experts know how cloud computing affects identity, credential, key management, and access management and handle your setup in ways that don’t compromise security.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

A common misconception is the idea that there’s just one cloud, so one solution is as good as another. Sometimes people picture all the data floating around in the same nebula, but the reality is clouds come in all shapes and sizes. Technology is going to keep changing, which is one of the biggest reasons to partner with an experienced cloud consulting firm early on.

The right solutions could give your business a competitive advantage. Businesses using cloud computing report a faster time to market, greater process efficiency, a decrease in IT spending, and lower operational costs. Find out what’s possible for your business and how we can help you get there when you contact our experts today.