5 Types of IT Services Critical to Your Business

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Businesses around the world are under constant pressure to excel not only in their primary work but also in IT operations. IT systems have a significant contribution in running the daily operations for most companies. And for businesses that don’t have time and resources to recruit their in-house IT teams, the best alternative is to seek IT services from a reliable provider. Determining the right IT service is crucial to accelerating the growth of your business. Let’s delve deeper into the different types of IT services.

1. Managed IT Services

Managed IT services refers to the ongoing support that a managed services provider offers at a fixed monthly rate. It involves repair, troubleshooting, consultancy, and handling of IT properties to maintain the IT systems’ optimal performance. Managed IT facilitates timely problem solving and provides businesses with innovative solutions to increase productivity and, subsequently, profits. It’s designed to eliminate the worry and hassle related to IT so that you concentrate fully on your business.

2. Cloud Computing

More and more businesses are relying on cloud computing to store and manage their software, data, and applications on remote servers. Companies don’t require physical space or money to buy and maintain expensive equipment.

Cloud providers lease their operating systems, software, and hardware to customers. They help businesses set up cloud data and applications and resolve any downtime and errors. They also secure your cloud systems from threats like an intrusion.

Cloud IT service replaces or augments in-house servers to give you flexibility. Your team members can work from any part of the world and on their schedule. If you’re looking to enhance work efficiency, cloud-based service is the solution you need.

3. Hardware and Software

IT hardware systems, including printers, servers, workstations, and laptops, are vital for any company’s smooth operations. A hardware loss or breakdown can negatively affect revenue and timely delivery of services. IT hardware services keep all hardware assets running securely and efficiently at all times.

Under software asset management, businesses have to make sure their software licenses are updated and comply fully with end-user agreements. IT service providers strive to cut software costs by getting rid of redundant and unused licenses. IT service providers also perform software system installation, including device drivers, text editors, utilities, operating systems, and programming software.

4. Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity solutions are aimed at protecting networks and computers from cyberattacks. These digital attacks either interrupt business operations, extort money, or both. Cybercriminals destroy, change, or steal classified information from companies.

Anyone can be a victim of cybercrimes, small businesses, and regular clients notwithstanding. Data shows that cybercriminals targeted six in every 10 SMBs in 2018 alone. They also made 60% of their victims close permanently in 2016.

These statistics show the importance of cybersecurity solutions to your business. Efficient cybersecurity measures can keep off spyware, Trojan horses, and computer viruses from your network.

5. Network Infrastructure

Most businesses depend on their networks for handling sensitive data and faster communication. IT service providers work to secure networks from both external and internal threats. IT companies install and manage firewalls that stop spiteful traffic from reaching your business. They monitor your network for any intrusion or abnormal traffic. Network IT service is essential, especially for firms with payment systems and remote access.

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