10 Reasons Why Every Company Needs IT Support

Think again.

There are numerous benefits to having professional IT support for your business, no matter what type or size your business is.

IT support can keep your business competitive. It can also save you money over time and streamline your goals.

Here are seven reasons why your company needs its own IT Support team. Take a look and then get started on choosing your IT solutions today.

10 Reasons Why Every Company Needs IT Support

1. Increase ROI and Save Money Over Time

Hiring IT Support is definitely an investment. But this is one of those investments that is guaranteed to bring about a higher ROI and save on company costs over time.

With tech support, you won’t have to worry about consistent costly repairs and sketchy software investments. You’ll never encounter fees or unexpected costs, and will pay a flat rate that should be flexible with your budget.

Investing in tech support means choosing financial security in an area that is increasingly an expensive aspect of businesses today. While IT spending often relates to company size, choosing a support team will maximize your ROI for all technology costs.

2. Enhance Overall Security

No matter what type of business you run, your data is primary. It’s important to support your company data with reliable backup systems and top of the line cybersecurity.

A technical support team will guarantee all of the above and more. With IT assistance, you’ll keep the confidential employee, customer, and company data secure and safeguard your business against cyber attacks.

If any data becomes lost for any reason, your support team will have a recovery system in place to retrieve lost files and maintain the technical integrity of your business.

3. Give Clients the Service They Require

Your clients deserve quality service. Nothing compromises a customer relationship more than technology that isn’t up to standard.

With a tech support team, you’ll ensure that your clients are receiving the service they require and expect. This may include perfect wireless internet connections, seamless software use, and easily managed phone lines.

You’ll also be able to streamline any client communication by having IT assistance. With in-house technology assistance, your business has the potential to drastically increase its customer service ratings.

It will also continue to build its reputation as a reliable and professional company. This could even lead to an expansion in customer base and annual profits.

4. Embrace New Technologies that Advance Company Goals

Your company may already be in the know when it comes to technologies that are suited to your business. Still, an IT support team can bring even newer, more cutting-edge technologies to the fore that can maximize your company potential.

You’ll spend less valuable personal time researching new technologies to implement into your business and more time working with ones already chosen for you by a professional, outsourced team.

You can use these technologies to advance company goals and seek further areas for expansion and growth. Furthermore, you’ll be able to keep a competitive place in the market by relying on the tech that is taking the most successful companies to the next level.

Lastly, you’ll have access to special resources that may not have been available to you previously. You’ll be able to receive IT solutions and advice quickly and even learn something along the way.

5. Spend Less Time Worrying and More Time Managing

Let’s face it. We all hate headaches that come from having computer issues of any kind. Why keep up the trend?

You can bypass technology worries by investing in IT support. Let professionals take care of any IT issues that arise so you can focus on crucial internal work, like strategy building and employee management.

Peace of mind is one of the biggest benefits of hiring IT professionals to offer technology solutions for your company.

6. Maximize Company Efficiency

No matter what business you own, you’re probably always thinking about ways to improve company-wide efficiency.

Technology itself can definitely improve your business’s efficiency. It can also decrease your business’s efficiency due to consistent issues, bugs, and confusion.

Tech support ensures that the usual efficiency that comes from using technology is maximized. With a dedicated support team, you can actually use technology for what it’s designed to do: to reach company targets and identify areas for expansion more quickly.

Additionally, most IT assistance today is designed to be incredibly effective and to maximize productivity. When you invest in IT support, you are likely investing in highly efficient service that strives to give you the best return possible.

7. Get Customized and Specialized Service

Every company’s technology needs are different. With a professional technical support team, you are guaranteed to receive customized service that is tailored to how your company operates and what it needs.

Your support team will have both expertise and options. Most individuals on a technology support team will have been rigorously trained and selected from a pool of very qualified applicants.

They will be able to identify your technology needs and provide immediate solutions as to how to meet them. Specialized service means that you get what you pay for, and more.

Now for one of our favorite parts, number eight:

8. Tech Support and IT Service can be Outsourced

This Helps Keep Costs Low

Whether businesses are keen to admit it or not, money is often the most important driving factor in decision-making processes. By making the switch to outsource IT help desk services, your company can save money in the form of increased productivity of your employees, and most importantly your IT staff. Quality outsourced IT services provide a help desk that is available to all of your employees for issue resolution as well as answering user questions. This keeps all of your employees productive because help is readily available and IT personnel won’t have to take time away from their priorities.

Fast Response Times

With an outsourced IT help desk, your employees will not only enjoy a swifter response when issues arise, but your on-site IT department will also become more flexible as well. When problems arise, your employees will be able to pick up the phone and immediately get in touch with a customer service professional (staffed by your managed service provider). This eliminates wait times in the office, specifically when the IT department becomes swamped with requests or they have more urgent matters to focus on.

As for your on-site IT department, it can now more rapidly respond to on-site issues that require its attention. No longer bogged down with simple user issues, your IT professionals can respond faster to network connectivity problems and stay ahead of hardware and software updates.

Concentrate on Core Mission

It is not uncommon for entire departments or companies to lose focus of the business because of troublesome technology issues. When your IT department is heavily focused on solving help desk problems, it loses focus on its core mission within the company. Once you outsource IT help desk services, you will find that your IT department is now able to refocus on the business priorities.

Expertise for all your Employees

Finally, it can be difficult to put together an IT department with a staff that represents a broad spectrum of industry expertise, especially if you have minimal IT staffing resources. Although most IT specialists possess general knowledge of various IT services, they are likely challenged to swiftly address all technology requests that come their way.

Outsourced IT help desk service providers hire large, diverse staff that represent a variety of areas of expertise in IT. This means that without expanding your in-house IT department, you get access to some of the brightest minds in the industry, capable of tackling your employees’ issues in a timely manner.

Since IT Support can be outsourced, let’s look at our number nine and ten why every company needs IT Support.

9. Impact on your IT Department

The impact of outsourcing your help desk services for your employees to a third-party provider will be felt immediately within the IT department. Rather than running around the building all day putting out small IT fires, your IT staff can refocus its efforts on the long-term stability of on-site IT infrastructure.

By outsourcing, your employees will have flexible and reliable access to IT support in their moment of need. At the same time, your IT department can maintain its focus on core responsibilities including network infrastructure installation, maintenance, and improvements for your customers.

10. Impact on Your Company as a Whole

With your IT help desk services now outsourced and your IT department happily refocused on its core responsibilities, you might even find the productivity level of other departments on the rise as well.

The employees in your customer service department can’t help your customers when staring at a frozen computer screen. Fortunately, with your help desk services outsourced to an IT firm, your customer service employee can make a quick call and get immediate help addressing the issue with their hardware. At the same time, your IT department employee has remained on task maintaining the network, monitoring security or preparing vital software updates. And this is just one of many examples that could occur any day of the week.

Outsourcing your IT help desk services is a win-win for your business and its employees, both in and out of the IT department. Request a free consultation with a Managed IT specialist to discuss this opportunity for your business in further detail.


If there is one thing to remember about outsourced IT help desk services, it is the improvement in productivity that will be realized. Your office workers won’t have to wait on in-house staff to solve problems, and the IT employees won’t be bogged down with everyday user issues. Your employees will enjoy greater uptime and your IT department can focus on long-term priorities.

It’s the 21st century and technology is rapidly becoming the dominant foundation of businesses everywhere. When identifying your company’s goals this year, considering IT support should be at the top of your list.

IT solutions mean services that maximize your company’s efficiency and leave your clients happy. Tech support can save your business money in the long run and give you access to cutting-edge technology your business needs to expand its customer base and increase profits. At the end of the day, tech support can help your business rise to the top.

At Progressive IT Services, we’ve got the IT solutions that your company requires to stay on top of its tech and remain competitive. We truly care about all of your technology needs and meet these with professional service and premium partnerships.

Let us know what we can do to streamline your company’s technology systems today!

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