3 Reasons Your Business Needs an IT Second Opinion Service

The modern marketplace runs through digital systems. Whether you are a small, independently owned business, or a massive corporation, you rely on your network for everything from inventory to processing sales. If anything in your network is vulnerable or not working correctly, it costs you time, money, and the trust of your customers. Remember that with improper security, you don’t just expose your data, you expose the data of everyone who has ever made a purchase from you. That’s why every business should consider an IT second opinion service to protect their interests.

Why You Need Our Second Opinion Service

Second opinions have always been a component of prudent business decisions. If you need to put a roof on your house, you’ll likely receive two or three quotes at a minimum. The same is true for a variety of service contracts. Even in health care, it’s common to ask for multiple medical opinions. Why should anything be different when it comes to your online security? Here are some reasons why you should consider an IT Second opinion service.

1. It’s Free

An IT Second Opinion Service isn’t a major cost. Instead, you are getting the opinion of knowledgeable professionals who can identify and correct flaws in your network. The concept is similar to taking your vehicle in for an oil change, or having an AC professional recharge your AC in the hot Houston summer. If there is a problem in your network, it always saves you money to identify it early and implement the necessary changes.

2. Relationship-Building

Your IT is critical to your ability to function. If your network ever goes down, you lose sales revenue every second you’re offline. If, for whatever reason, your regular IT service cannot attend to you promptly, the effect could be catastrophic to your business.

By developing a relationship with another IT service, you provide yourself with the security of another team of quality professionals who are familiar with your system. This ensures that they will be able to step in and return you to operational status as quickly as possible.

3. Accountability

Contracting a professional service is always a matter of faith. You read the reviews and evaluate a team, but in the end, you trust that your IT service is providing you with an efficient system. A second opinion service evaluates the work of the other team with a critical eye and holds them to a higher standard. The old saying says that iron sharpens iron, and both the second team and the first team will provide you with superior service because of the presence of the other.

Ensure the Best Service For Your Business

Your network is too important to your business to allow for any errors. These errors can be a result of anything from improper installation of hardware to vulnerabilities in your security. By contracting a second service, you achieve the peace of mind of knowing your system is up to date and operating properly. You also have a second emergency number to call if there is a failure in your network for any reason. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of an IT second opinion service, contact Progressive IT Services today.

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