What You Can Do With a Hosted Remote Desktop

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Remember the good old days when everyone just came to work day after day and worked on that equipment you’ve already paid for, accessing everything they needed on company software and hardware? It would be nice to go back to the old normal, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Businesses are waking up to the fact they need long-term solutions for their remote workforce. One viable option for many is a hosted remote desktop.

Remote desktop hosting is sometimes called terminal server hosting. It lets users travel through a network connection to take control of a computer that’s located somewhere else. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

Get Secure Remote Access Through a Hosted Remote Desktop

If you work with a Houston I.T. support firm to provide remote access for employees, security should be their top concern. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is encrypted, but early versions of RDP have security flaws that make it a tempting channel for hackers. Progressive I.T. Services works with clients to defend against remote desktop security risks and implement organizational security policies that keep hackers out.

That means a hosted remote desktop allows you to access files, data, networks, and systems without putting your data at risk. You safeguard against breaches and hacking so the work can go on uninterrupted.

Increase Productivity for Remote Workers

You need remote staff to perform at the same level or better than they did when they clocked in every day at the office. To get that, they need the same type of access. If they don’t have the tools, engagement and feedback they need from you, they may fall victim to burnout.

Because remote desktop access allows them to log in to their work computer, they get the best possible support for productivity. Files, folders and programs are right where they remember. Everything works like it did the last time they used that machine in person.

They’re able to do their job with the same efficiency they worked before. They might even get more done without interruptions from co-workers.

Manage Your Network From Anywhere

Not only can you access data from wherever you work that day, but you can also manage your network in real-time from anywhere you have Internet access. Restrict access, edit permissions, or check in with select groups over your offsite desktop connection.

Hosted Remote Desktop Lets You Spend Less on IT Services

You have to have technology that works in order to keep your business running and your employees productive. A hosted remote desktop is a cost-effective solution because you provide secure access to the equipment you already have. Often it involves investing in cloud storage, which takes less maintenance over time than a standard desktop setup. The money you don’t spend on servers and equipment maintenance can go toward growing your business.

You also spend less on configuration. Cloud-hosted systems and programs are compatible with almost any device type. Employees find data accessible on their Mac, Windows PC, cell phone or tablet.

Get a Remote Desktop — Free Consultation

Would this type of access work for your business? What would it take to get started? What does a hosted remote desktop cost? Set up a free consultation to get answers to all your questions.