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Progressive IT Service Began With a Simple Goal

Joe knew he could deliver a better service to Houston Businesses and that’s what he set out to do. Today Progressive IT Service provides an unmatched customer experience by understanding that our success is entirely dependent on how well we execute the plans that we develop with our clients. This independence in the field of IT support is exciting to our team and makes each new task an engaging challenge for us.

Progressive IT Service specializes in offering a service that helps clients realize the value of their business technology and how it can increase efficiency and productivity while reducing risk. We engage with our clients not just with their Information Technology, but on a business level as well in an effort to maximize profitability.

Furthermore, we work with our clients to ensure that they have the resources and information needed to make sound business decisions. As their company grows and develops, so will their technology needs; Progressive IT Service ensures that our clients have the IT set up that they need for the next step in their business’ future. We pride ourselves in honest relationships with our clients as we strive for mutual success, all while keeping a “work hard, play hard” attitude in mind.

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Houston IT Support by Progressive IT Services

Whereas we at Progressive IT Service used to follow the conventional business model for IT support that fixes problems after they occur, new technology allows us to proactively monitor and remotely support our client’s systems. We make the most of this new technology, but we understand that these tools are also available to any IT support provider in the market. What sets Progressive IT Service apart is our focus on the business side of IT management. We are constantly striving to engage deeper in our client business, not just their technology.

We engage with our clients not just with their Information Technology, but on a business level as well in an effort to maximize profitability and efficiency.

History and Forward Thinking Innovation

Our Story

I graduated from the University of Houston with an Electrical Engineering Degree featuring a concentration in computer hardware design and software programming. After graduating, I worked in Electrical Engineering firms optimizing engineering CAD programs and office networks so they could increase performance.

During this time I realized businesses needed specialized IT consulting and managed IT services when they did not have their own IT staff. Typical IT services I could provide that are needed by any business would include specialty programs installation and maintenance, network infrastructure, server installation and maintenance, internet issues, system upgrades, and much more. The Businesses normal staff was busy taking care of their work tasks and had no time for IT, so they really could use an outside IT service firm to step in as needed to take care of issues. I understood their need for an IT service firm which worked closely with the business, so I could become familiar with their needs and can respond quickly when needed.

I realized there is value in providing IT consulting services as needed to reduce businesses overall cost while working closely with the business, so we become their own IT staff. Being able to respond quickly and understanding each business’s unique needs and what IT technology solution is out there for them is our specialty.

21 years ago, in 1996 I came back to Houston, started IT Consulting Progressive Computing, providing IT consulting services and hardware installation in Houston.

We work closely with all our Houston clients where we are available asap on site as needed and even have after hours access as required. We also setup and use remote technology to provide support asap remotely as required.

We are a very Progressive IT service firm providing managed IT services while keeping up with the newest technology. Over the years, we have worked on a tremendous number of IT system integrations. Our experience allows us to work as a team with other IT technology leaders to provide the best of service for the client while providing new installations and upgrades. By building an array of like minded cutting edge IT professionals, we truly deliver a lot of IT consulting horsepower to the client.

We build long term relationships with our clients, getting to know them and their businesses. Hiring Progesive IT Services is like having a full time IT staff but with out the full-time costs. Clients use our services on an “as needed” basis, so you are never paying for something you do not need.

Some of the technologies that we are already very experienced implementing include on premise data center virtualization, migration to cloud infrastructure, wide area networking between offices, cloud backup solutions, and various security solutions.

We use our rich history to ensure our clients receive the very best managed IT services for their money.

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