How SMEs Can Optimize Their Operations Using Managed Services

SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) have to contend with increasing workloads and insufficient IT resources. Today, small businesses have to tackle a wide range of challenges to keep operations running smoothly.

The challenges range greatly, including developing a reliable infrastructure for dealing with security threats. Statistics show a hacking attack occurs every 39 seconds. Unfortunately, many SMEs do not have the technological or human resources capabilities needed to keep up with every emerging threat.

Therefore, the challenge for small businesses becomes how to do more with less. Fortunately, managed services can offer some solutions.

SMEs and Managed Services

SMEs today are increasingly using technology to meet the demands of the market. Dependence on IT services leaves businesses prone to risks. A malicious event could lead to cyber infiltration and data theft. This can lead to expensive lawsuits as well as the loss of trust by clients, partners, and suppliers.

An organization can outsource to an IT services company to shift the focus to the core businesses. Managed services providers offer a lot more value than just a way to access applications. The business gets access to experience and expertise to manage resources effectively.

Start with Risk Assessment

IT services have a vast scope involving many different aspects of the organization. A risk assessment is crucial in determining where threats are likely to be significant. It allows companies to plan their resources to address the risks proactively. It also allows them to understand what to outsource and what can be done in-house.

Consider Vulnerability Testing

Managers are anxious about the threat of attacks on the endpoints of their system. A security breach will have a devastating impact on the organization. Data losses and breaches could damage the organization’s image losing customers in the process.

An IT services company can provide vulnerability and penetration testing solutions. The process imitates attacks to check if the IT infrastructure is prone to threats. It aims to find vulnerabilities in the endpoints that the hacker may use to breach the network.

Implement Network Perimeter Management

After determining the threats, a network perimeter management service may be necessary. It involves designing and managing the security of intrusion detection applications. An IT services company may use perimeter management to update firewalls and ensure they have the best configurations.

The perimeter’s design may include a router that monitors traffic between the public network and the internal network. An intrusion detection system will capture suspicious activities and take appropriate action where necessary.

Leverage Process Automation

Many SMEs are struggling to optimize technology with the in-house staff. As a result, IT personnel are often overwhelmed with multiple issues arising simultaneously. One way organizations can make the most of IT resources to leverage process automation.

Process automation involves configuring applications and machines to perform tasks with little or no human input. It can help weed out repetitive tasks that would, otherwise, frustrate day-to-day operations. An experienced IT services company can implement an automated system to reduce errors and optimize security.

The scope of managed IT services can be vast and complex, especially for SMEs. There will be a wide range of solutions for different types of small and mid-sized businesses. It is crucial to understand the capacity of the organizations and the requirements of the business. For optimal results, consider hiring an experienced IT services company.

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