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File sharing solutions have quickly become more prominent for modern businesses – allowing employees who work remotely to securely access files from a multitude of devices, whether it’s a desktop, tablet or smartphone. When you leverage cloud-based file storage and sharing, you’re able to let your employees get more work done than ever before – without sacrificing security.

What is the Cloud?

A concept that is often distorted, the cloud is simply a system of offsite servers that people and organizations use to store their digital files and media. The servers are managed by a hosting company and people buy or rent digital space from them.

An individual may use cloud storage to store their music or photos, rather than storing that information on their personal device. A business might use the cloud to store company documents and data.

The hosting company is responsible for upkeep of the servers and ensuring that their users have constant access to their stored information.

Has the Cloud Changed the Way We Do Business?

The way business is conducted has changed since the introduction of cloud storage services. Here are a few benefits of using the cloud to store business information:

Easy file sharing: a document hosted offsite can be accessed by anyone granted permission
Scalability: only pay for the amount of storage you use
Remote access: log in and access information from anywhere
Increased security: hosting companies work hard to keep all data secure
Natural disaster protection: servers are regularly backed up
Reduced power/maintenance costs: you don’t have to pay for server maintenance or energy use

Cloud-Based Storage Providers We Support

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Dropbox boasts excellent sharing abilities. Invite someone to share a particular Dropbox folder with you and that folder will appear right on their desktop. You can also send a link to an individual document or image. In addition, folders full of images can be viewed as a gallery, making Dropbox a viable photo-sharing alternative to Imgur and Flickr.

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iDrive supports multiple device backup on any numbers of Windows PCs, MacOS systems, iOS and Android smart devices, tablets, and more, all linked to a single account. You can backup entire disk images, backup your most important files and folders to external drives as well as the cloud, and access your entire backup through a web browser, desktop client, or mobile app.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is great for anyone who prefers Google’s ecosystem. The web giant thrives on integration with Google’s other services as part of its Google One platform, including the likes of Gmail and Google Docs.

Google Drive is also heavily integrated into the Chrome OS and Android environments, offering expansive storage for devices with limited local storage.

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MS OneDrive

OneDrive has undergone some significant updates over the last few years, and now serves as a strong foundation for Microsoft’s overall productivity solutions. For users of Microsoft’s Windows 10 ecosystem, OneDrive is an excellent solution. Also, Microsoft’s cross-platform strategy means that mobile support is very strong, including Android, iPhone, and iPad.

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Box is an all-around solid service that offers a compelling alternative to users who are wary of placing ever-increasing amounts of information in the control of Google, Apple, or Microsoft. Mobile support for all accounts includes Android, iPhone, and iPad.

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